The Beardist

The Beardist arose out a desire to create a modern high end men’s beard grooming brand that stands apart from some of the laddish inspired products on offer. The feeling of The Beardist oils and balms were completely different – less greasy and yet nutritious enough to keep the mane soft. Our task was to create a bold, memorable brand to position them at the higher end of the market.

Given that the range was intended to be sold to high-end salons, rather than supermarkets, the brand needed to sit comfortably alongside any other luxury brand. It needed to be strong, contemporary and unapologetically masculine.

The concept that we arrived at was one of being a product for not only the modern, fashion-conscious man, but for the ‘out of the box adventure seekers’. For true men without fear, men that sacrifice to achieve their goals in life – it was an aspirational, exciting vision. In addition, we compiled a series of core brand values, as well as creating possible routes and inspiration for fashion and mens accessories..



Branding / Package Design / Web Design


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Beard oil branding
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